All year long I look forward to a Thanksgiving Dinner that is pretty much a re-creation of every Thanksgiving I can remember: Dad’s famous stuffing, grandma’s broccoli casserole, my aunt’s pumpkin soup… Those family favorites just seem like what Thanksgiving should taste like. At some point it’s time to pass the torch and hand those recipes down to the next generation. And I have found in my own family that asking for those recipes can bring up all kinds of family lore.  This year, why not come to Thanksgiving prepared with recipe cards to get everyone to share their favorite recipes?

What is more thrilling for many kids than counting down the days to Christmas? Merrymaker has so many fun advent calendars in stock right now. From a wood nativity scene kids unpack piece by piece, one day at a time – to a three-dimensional Christmas Village that can house a small treat or note in every piece. Come check them out!

DIY Treats

It’s no secret that we love paper: that’s why when you visit our Carytown store – you might find yourself being a little overwhelmed by the sheer amounts we have in stock! But, never fear – along with being total paper good connoisseurs, we know how to put that paper to good use! Try out some of these totally cute DIY projects, and be sure to share them on our Facebook page when you’re done!