Brass Markup Pen
Brass Markup Pen

Brass Markup Pen

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The Machine Era Markup comes pre-loaded with a felt tip Fineliner by Schmidt. We fell in love with this new ink, and thought it worked perfectly with this design. But don’t worry, if that’s not your thing, it still fits standard Pilot g2 cartridges. The internals are the same as our Original. 100% machined. No springs or any other moving parts. 


The 1.0mm Schmidt 6040 Fineliner is a Reservoir based refill with a spring loaded felt tip. For those of you who aren't familiar with fineliners- it writes like well flowing (non-permanent) marker.  

Lead-free brass, made in the USA


Features & Specs:

  •  Machined clip pocket
  •  Zero tip play
  •  Postable cap threads on body
  •  Balanced weight
  •  Compact size
  •  No springs or mechanisms
  •  Weight- 1.6oz
  •  Length (capped)- 4.6 inches
  •  Length (open)- 4.3 inches
  •  Diameter- 0.40 inches 
  •  Fits Standard Pilot G2 refills
  •  Pre-loaded with a Schmidt Fineliner (included) 

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