Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit

Fountain Pen Maintenance Kit

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This Sailor fountain pen maintenance kit includes a multi-use 3ml syringe barrel with a washing nozzle and a blunt-tip syringe tip, and an empty reusable cartridge to refill with any ink color of your choice. It all comes packaged in an attractive hard plastic case.

The washing nozzle attachment can be used to flush out any remaining ink in the nib unit. Just screw the washing nozzle attachment onto the syringe barrel, draw up water into the syringe barrel, attach your fountain pen nib unit to the end of the nozzle, and flush out the remaining ink!

The ink syringe/needle attachment can be used to suck up every last drop of ink from an ink bottle, as well as inject ink directly into most Sailor pen converters and empty cartridges.

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