Pen Nib Holder T-40

Pen Nib Holder T-40

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Tachikawa T-40 is made from natural wood and finished with clear lacquer that highlights the wood grain. But this deluxe model has a few tricks up its sleeve. Most notably, it features a plastic cap that protects the point from physical damage and slows oxidation of the metal nib. This is a pen holder that you can toss in your bag with its nib still attached!

The Tachikawa T-40 Pen Holder is also longer and wider than the T-25 or T-36, which is nice for those with larger hands or those who simply prefer a more substantial pen holder. There's a firm rubber grip for extra comfort and control.

Like all Tachikawa pen nib holders, the T-40 features a Tachikawa universal nib mount. The Tachikawa mount is a favorite among pros who use ink, like our resident cartoonist Curt. Unlike the Western style dip pen mount with a large, open hole and metal prongs, the plastic press-to-fit Tachikawa mount is rustproof and harder to gum up with ink. It also holds the nib much more securely than metal nib mounts, which lose their tensile strength when used repeatedly.


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