Queen Conch
Queen Conch

Queen Conch

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Meet Our Queen Conch Shell Sticker 
+ A high quality vinyl sticker with a matte finish, and has a white backing. This sticker is 100% waterproof so you can stick this Queen Conch Shell Sticker to your water bottle and head to the beach! It is waterproof, and dishwasher safe. Perfect for water bottles, laptops, car windows, coolers, and so much more! 
+ Weatherproof 
+ Matte & a White Finish 
+ Cracked Back for Easy Application 
+ Dishwasher Safe This Queen Conch Shell sticker is an original illustration by me, Sarah, the owner and creator of 25 Sweetpeas! 

| D E T A I L S | 
+ Approximately 3 inches (PLEASE NOTE SIZING
) + It does not come in any sort of display packaging. It will be a loose sticker you can display however you would like. Designed by : Sarah of 25 Sweetpeas

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