YU-SARI Loose Sheets
YU-SARI Loose Sheets

YU-SARI Loose Sheets

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  • Nakabayashi has produced high end fountain pens and other office tools for decades.

  • Expanding our experience and knowledge we’re introducing YU-SARI, your new favorite notebook.

  • YU-SARI boasts premium quality paper that complements fountain pen or rollerball ink with an ultra-smooth texture and quick drying properties.

  • Glide your pen over its thick, egg shell colored paper for text that will pop off the page.

  • Our newest notebook is all purpose, and feels luxurious to the touch.


  • STYLE : Yu-sari loose sheets B5
    Plain(B5) NYLS-B501-W / Yu-sari loose sheets A5
    8mm(A5) NYLS-A501-W

  • Color : White

  • Dimension (inch) : B5 W7.56 x D0.1 x H10.51
    A5 W6.22 x D0.1 x H8.66

  • Material : Paper

  • Made in : Japan

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